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I've tried many shampoo's but none of them smell that good or work. I need some shampoo suggestions...Shampoo.........????
When I get into Albertson's I buy ';Bed Head'; products and it's like good enough for me. The cost is from $15-18 dollars on shampoo and conditioners and hair smoothing stuff. Use as much you like as long as you can afford. Another product I like is from dearinger, phyto and that's more like 30 dollars a bottle and that's so feeling good. there's better and more more more expensive but what the product is and how much? I have no idea I know that the celebrities use it. that's it for me.

I like Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla. I think it's best for dry hair, but it smells really good. There a conditioner and leave-in liquid conditioner available as well.
Big Sexy Hair. simple as that. It could also depend on the products you use on your hair afterward.

the best one.
My favorite (love the smell..brings back summer memories!!) shampoo and conditioner is the yellow Loreal one...Vive Pro or something like that with Royal Jelly in it or something like that. You should find it at walmart, walgreens, etc.


What is best shampoo for greasey hair and is there an Aussie one for greasey hair i tried to look for one but there wasn't any in supermarketShampoo..?
the best for greasy hair would be gurnier fructise...sorry...dont know how to spell it. and no, Aussie does not have a shampoo for greasey hair. hope this helps. good luck!!Shampoo..?鈥?/a>


it'll make your hair stronger and has certain kinds made for greasy hair .

its also affordable .
I use tresseme %26amp;%26amp; my hair looks shiny and like soft and cuddly. =)

but i think that it's just my hair type.

'cause i switch off ,

i've used Garnier Fructis , SunSilk Straighten Up , Pantene Ice Shine , and Herbal Essences.

but the best was Pantene , Garnier , and Tresseme.


is there any shampoo that i can get from, lets say, Longs Drugs, that is totally natural and there are no animal ingredients or animal testing?

and is there a shampoo like that that is ';volumizing'; or however it's spelled? or ';curl enhancing';?? speaking of that, what exactly makes those two things (volumizing, curl-enhancing), that? i mean, is it very chemicaly? or is there natural curl-enhancing or volumizing shampoo that is made from all plant ingrediends? or at least not bad for the planet?? as in not majorly chemicaly. thank you so much. answers to any of those questions will be appreciated a lot. thanks!!!Shampoo???
You can go to and find out which products are tested on animals and which ones aren't. You can make your choices from there. It's a very informative website.Shampoo???
i used aveda and it doesn't work 4 my hair try sunsilk straight one it works really well i swear by it. Report Abuse

I work at an aveda salon, and everything Aveda is pure plant and flower, and not tested on animals. Its more on the expensive side, but everything is very concentrated so you get more for your money. Volumizing shampoo's just coat the hair and make them appear thicker, and curl enhancing shampoos only work if you have curl. If you have poker straight hair, a curl enhancing shampoo wont magically make you have curly hair. They have to have something to work with, and all they do is moisturize the hair for a bouncier, frizz free curl.

Should I use a flea shampoo or a flea collar?

My cat has fleas. We rescued her from the street and we need to know what we should use. We have heard bad things about flea collars. She is 7-9 weeks of age.

Thank You!Should I use a flea shampoo or a flea collar?
You can buy flea drops accually, it works a whole lot better than the flea shampoo and the flea collar. You can buy them at the nearest animal hospital.Should I use a flea shampoo or a flea collar?
Neither one - flea collars are useless, and most of the over the counter flea shampoos are not safe for use in kittens under 12 weeks of age - they can cause toxic reactions that include foaming at the mouth, seizures, and death. Call the vet and get her a safe and effective flea treatment like Advantage or Frontline. It will actually work, and work safely.
I would buy Frontline. It is the best on the market. It lasts a month. You place the liquid on the back of her neck, parting the fur. Check with the vet to make sure it's ok since she is pretty young.

Flea collars just don't really work. She might be too young for a flea bath. You really should check with the vet and see what suggestions they have.
well collars traditionally do not work well. the very best you can do is speak to a vet and get a preventative/killer like frontline. you apply it topically and they work great. in loo of that, use a bath...its far more affective then the collar.
You should use a flea collar nothing is bad about them they work great and besides the shampoo does not work

1.Cats don't like baths

2. You have to give her a bath every day

3. It can be expensive

4. It doesn't work

So no shampoo.
theres a medication you can put on her but i would look at all of them they might have a age requirment
I don't think flea collars work very well. The shampoo would be best, but make sure it's safe for kittens.
Take her to the vet and get a topical treatment, much more effective.
Flea Shampoo
use frontline! its better than anything! frontline frontline frontline!!!
use what the vet recommended.
then so use shampoo!

espessily when shes young

What is a good salon shampoo/conditioner for breakage?

My hair is damaged and I need a good shampoo and conditioner set that will help strengthen and fortify. I only use salon products.What is a good salon shampoo/conditioner for breakage?
well seeings everyone has ignored the fact you only use salon products.....

you should try redkens anitsnap line. its in the dark blue bottle. it works wonders. find a salon that has a generous return policy and you can pick a couple different kinds and return what doesnt work for you. also try redkens conditioning treatment, it will treat what the breakage if from, whether it is from chemical or mechanical abuse.

keep those strands healthy! good luck!What is a good salon shampoo/conditioner for breakage?
Use Aussie. It's fantastic.
try the healthysexyhair line!

my hair used to be thin and extremely prone to breakage but now its fuller and it looks healthy.
use john freda.

it will strengthen your hair, while adding mostiure to make it soft and glowing again. not to mention it smells great so your have amazing hair that smells good too:D
ill give you a list of shampoos and conditioners for breakage:

tresemme- anti breakage

herbal essences- break's over

pantene- restoratives or something like that(i dont like pantene but some people do)

infusium 23- repairologie

aussie- hair insurance

garnier fructis-length and strength

thats pretty much all the ones i know! good luck!
i dunno about salon products but i have a lot of breakage in my hair so ive been using Frizz Ease hair repair, instead of conditioner, just like leave it on for 5 mins and rinse it out. sorry if thats not much help lol good luck
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  • What is the best smelling shampoo and body-wash/soap you've smelled on a guy?

    This is a question for girls who know what their boyfriend or friend uses for shampoo/soap. I know that everybody has a different taste in smell. I'm just looking for an great smelling shampoo and body wash/soap. Any suggestions?What is the best smelling shampoo and body-wash/soap you've smelled on a guy?
    i'd rather smell Lynx than shampoo or bodywash/soapWhat is the best smelling shampoo and body-wash/soap you've smelled on a guy?
    Radox smells really fresh - especially the eucalyptus one.
    Lynx Africa!!!!!!!!

    I practically have an orgasm every time i smell it!

    Lynx body wash

    and Deodorant

    im In love with it on guys.

    delicacy !!!

    Good Luck.
    Burts bees - Axe smells like your trying too hard.
    axe body wash :)


    I have long (half-way down my back) thick hair that is naturally wavy and I straighten everyday. What's a good shampoo that controls frizziness when it's humid?Shampoo???
    I have the same type of hair, i really like using treseme moisturizer shampoo and conditionerShampoo???
    Herbal Essences鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    pentene works good and there is this serum that is by pantene that is for frizziness that i use and it works!!
    the new weather-proof one by john frieda is good!